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Windsor Technologies, Inc. is a privately held California corporation founded in 1983. It is headquartered in San Rafael, California, USA.

Our Mission Statement is to be the premier provider of high-quality PC diagnostic products and services for the personal computer service and support industry.

To that end, Windsor Technologies develops, manufactures, and sells its PC diagnostics products directly. We are an engineering-oriented company, versus a marketing company that only sells other people's products. In fact, all of our products are designed and developed internally.

Our original flagship product, PC-Technician™, has been the overwhelming choice of most of the world's largest service and support organizations since its release in 1984. These multi-vendor service companies typically have a headquarters-level evaluation staff operating in a well-equipped PC laboratory. Using known bad parts from their repair depot operations, they thoroughly test service tools, procedures, training modules, etc., for use within their organization, which, in most cases, has thousands of field service engineers.

Our newest products are #1-TuffTEST-Pro™, the downloadable version of PC-Technician, #1-TuffTEST™, the downloadable version of PC-Diagnosys™.

#1-TuffTEST and PC-Diagnosys are the first diagnostic software products that will boot and automatically test the major hardware components of any Intel-based, or compatible, desktop personal computer (80386 or later)! They are very inexpensive and are specifically designed for use by less experienced PC service/support technicians and PC users, and for distribution by support/service providers, VADs, VARs and system integrators. The powerful and comprehensive tests that comprise #1-TuffTEST and PC-Diagnosys are derived from PC-Technician, our industry-leading, professional-level diagnostic software product.

In surveying the marketplace, we have found no other company with the background and technical focus of Windsor Technologies or our product's technology. Thus, it is our heartfelt belief that in making your purchasing decision on diagnostic tools, an organization that designs, develops, and enhances its products internally and sells them directly, is easily differentiated from the many "marketing" organizations who sell utility diagnostic programs written by others.

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